Welcome to the Web of Life!

The Web of Life Field School (WOLF School) sets exploration and discovery to a whole new standard!  We offer outdoor education programs for students in K-12th grade at campuses throughout Northern California.  Our hands-on field studies out on the trail allow teachers to choose from the best natural settings and state standards-based academic programs to support curriculum taught in the classroom.   
WOLF School’s skilled and experienced Naturalists lead students on a grand adventure in the woods, connecting the outdoors to the classroom and encouraging personal awareness, responsibility, and a sense of stewardship for our community and planet to thrive.
Explore the magic of the coastal redwood forest, race across the rolling golden hillsides of Sonoma valley, or enjoy the scent of pine as you travel back to the gold rush, admiring the vibrant colors of wildflowers in the foothills of the Sierra mountains.  The diversity of wildlife and variety of programs available at our campuses provide incredible teaching and learning opportunities for all ages!  There are endless possibilities of discovery and adventure at WOLF School! 

Join us for one of our offered programs or design a custom adventure that fits your desired curriculum.  We look forward to creating an experience your students will never forget.

Yours in Discovery,
Heather Butler

WOLF School Director


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